Greeks halt Google Street View cameras

Google has been banned from taking any more pictures for its controversial Street View service in Greece pending further investigation by local data protection authorities.

Google's Street View service was introduced to the UK in March with the support of the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO).

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Privacy groups have challenged Street View, but the ICO says the service will stay because Google has taken steps to protect privacy by blurring people's faces and car registration number.

However, the Greek Data Protection Authority has ordered Google to stop recording images in the streets of Greece until the firm discloses how long it tends to keep those images.

The Greek Data Protection Authority also wants Google to give details of what it is doing to warn locals that they are likely to be photographed and to inform them of their rights.

In the UK, the ICO last month told Privacy International that the removal of the Google service would be "disproportionate" to the relatively small risk to privacy.


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