Apple iPhone drives Wi-Fi adoption in UK

Sales of the Apple iPhone and other Wi-Fi-enabled smartphones are driving growth in the use of Wi-Fi in the UK and the US, research reveals.

In November, 8% of advertising requests in the UK were on Wi-Fi networks, up from 4% of requests in August, according to figures from AdMob, which operates a mobile advertising marketplace.

The Wi-Fi-enabled iPod Touch music player, the Nokia N95 and other N series phones are also driving higher Wi-Fi usage from mobile handsets.

The picture is similar in the US, said AdMob, where the market is strongly influenced by the Apple iPhone.

Worldwide requests from iPhones grew 52% month over month to 359 million in November, giving the iPhone 6.3% of total advertising requests. In the US, the iPhone is the leading Wi-Fi-enabled handset, with 9.9% of requests.

In the US, 42% of iPhone requests are made from Wi-Fi, notably higher than most other Wi-Fi-capable phones which average between 10% and 20%.

AdMob collects and analyses handset and operator data from every advertising request in its network.


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