IBM ‘changes the game’ in solid state storage performance


IBM ‘changes the game’ in solid state storage performance

Antony Savvas

IBM says it has "changed the game" when it comes to disk storage performance.

Engineers and researchers at the IBM Hursley development lab in England and the Almaden Research Center in California, have demonstrated "groundbreaking performance results that outperform the world's fastest disk storage solution by over 250%", says IBM.

IBM says it has demonstrated the "game-changing impact solid-state technologies can have on how businesses and individuals manage and access information".

The results were achieved using Flash solid-state technology coupled with IBM's scalable storage virtualisation technology.

Under the codename "Project Quicksilver," IBM achieved impressive results in transferring data at a sustained rate of over one million Input/Output (I/O) per second, with a response time of under one millisecond (ms).

Compared to its IBM System Storage SAN Volume Controller, which uses traditional disk storage devices, Quicksilver improved performance by 250% at less than 1/20th the response time, took up one-fifth the floor space, and required only 55% of the power and cooling.

Performance improvements of this magnitude, said Big Blue, can have profound implications for business, allowing two to three times the work to complete in a given time frame for classic workloads, such as reservations systems, financial program trading systems and analytic solutions.

Solid state storage is an emerging enterprise technology which uses no moving parts, thus eliminating many of the access delays associated with electro-mechanical disks.


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