Businesses must be ready for Olympic madness

Businesses must implement internet usage policies to avoid leaving themselves vulnerable to search engine optimisation (SEO) attacks during the Olympics Television...

Businesses must implement internet usage policies to avoid leaving themselves vulnerable to search engine optimisation...

(SEO) attacks during the Olympics

Television companies will for the first time be able to take advantage of high speed internet to stream coverage of the Olympics in Beijing, which will encourage workers to search the web for Olympic action.

But this will open businesses up to potential attacks, according to Guillaume Lovet, head of Fortinet's threat response team.

Lovet said that cyber criminals target individuals, and if these individuals are using the corporate network to access Olympic coverage they could compromise network security.

"If you look at what has happened in the past, each time there is a major event such as the world cup or a catastrophe like the Tsunami in SE Asia, criminals have seized the opportunity to deploy scams," said Lovet. "The targets are end-users, but they are using the corporate networks."

He said there will be a major rise in search engine optimisation (SEO) attacks. "When people enter keywords related to Olympics-related content they could be directed to websites set up by criminals." This could put them at risk of scams and expose them to Malware as well as other threats, he added.

Lovet said technology and policies are equally important methods of securing corporate network during the Olympics.

Fortinet outlines best practices for online safety during the Olympics

1 - Have clear internet usage policies - make sure employees know the corporate policy on web use, whether their internet usage is tracked and how this impacts their performance review.

2 - Avoid draconian filtering practices - businesses that use filtering solutions to control website access should communicate what types of sites are blocked. They should set filters to enable access before work, during lunch and after work hours set filters to limit access to a preset amount of time and enable access to the olympics from cafeterias and break rooms.

3 - Never follow unsolicited links suggested by a third party.

4 - Use and update security solutions - have an effective anti-spam, web-filtering and anti-virus solution in place and make sure programs are kept updated.




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