80% of university graduates only use web to search for jobs


80% of university graduates only use web to search for jobs

Antony Savvas

Companies are wasting their money advertising for graduates in newspapers, as 80% of graduates only search online for jobs, according to a study.

Research carried out on 400 graduates by Reed Employment found that just 3% of graduates scour newspaper advertisements for jobs.

It also found that 57% spend less than an hour researching companies before an interview, and that 9% of graduates do not do any research at all prior to interviews.

Reed said 18% use specialist recruitment agencies to find jobs, and that 8% apply in person.

The research also found that 80% of respondents were avid users of social networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace and YouTube.

Stephen Harrison, operations manager at Reed Graduates, said, "The Facebook generation of graduates is clearly more receptive to receiving information online than in print format.

"To attract top graduates, businesses will need to rethink the ways in which they recruit, ensuring that online recruitment and perhaps even social networking sites are included.

"It is worrying however that even with so much information about companies available on the internet, many graduates are not spending enough time preparing and researching for job interviews.

"However, the onus is also on companies to ensure their websites are up to date, their job descriptions are as detailed as possible, and for recruitment consultants to ensure that jobseekers are prepared for their interviews."


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