Webpage malware in the frame for half of attacks last month

The Iframe worm was the top virus last month, making up 50.8% of malware attacks in December.

The Iframe worm was the top virus last month, making up 50.8% of malware attacks in December.

Web security firm Sophos has published the top-ten list of viruses as part of its monthly monitoring report.

Mal/Iframe works by injecting malicious code into web pages. Mal/ObfJS, a method by which hackers use obfuscated JavaScript to infect web surfers, was in second place.

The top-ten list of web-based malware threats in December 2007:

1. Mal/Iframe 50.8%

2. Mal/ObfJS 19.2%

3. Troj/DRClick 14.6% new entry

4. Troj/Unif 3.0%

5. Troj/Decdec 2.4%

6. Troj/Fujif 1.6%

7. Troj/Pintadd 0.9% new entry

8. Troj/Zlobar 0.8% re-entry

9. Mal/FunDF 0.6%

10. VBS/Haptime 0.5%

Others 5.6%

The top ten list of countries hosting malware-infected webpages in December 2007:

1. China (including Hong Kong) 40.9%

2. United States 33.9%

3. Russia 6.8%

4. Germany 3.8%

5. Ukraine 2.2%

6. Turkey 1.4%

7. United Kingdom 1.2%

8. Poland 0.8%

9. Netherlands 0.7% (re-entry)

10. Italy 0.6% (re-entry)

Others 7.7%



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