Gamma Telecoms saves with data retention software


Gamma Telecoms saves with data retention software

Warwick Ashford

UK communications service provider Gamma Telecom has freed up a member of staff and ensured compliance with EU data retention regulations with software from LogicaCMG.

Gamma Telecom, which provides services to 400,000 end-users including 100,000 SMEs through 350 UK resellers, has begun implementing Pharos software for data retention and retrieval.

Pharos enables the telecoms company to capture and store large volumes of call data required by the EU Data Retention Directive.

The directive, which came into force in the UK in October this year, requires telecoms companies to retain communication records for up to two years.

"We chose Pharos because it was available immediately off the shelf and purpose-built to meet our needs in terms of the EU regulations," said Tim Dulley, head of revenue assurance and fraud at Gamma Telecom.

Gamma will use the system to capture a quarter of a billion records a day, scalable to five billion records, and be able to search 100 billion records in seconds.

"The speed of the system means we will require one less member of staff to answer queries from law enforcement agencies," said Dulley.

He said Pharos was based on open standards, allowing Gamma to implement the software quickly and without disruption to business as well as integrate easily with existing data stored using SQL Server products.


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