Online gambling site claims remote web-security win


Online gambling site claims remote web-security win

Nick Booth

Online gambling site Victor Chandler claimed today that it can ensure instant web security in remote offices where it has little or no IT infrastructure. If true, this could lead the way to similar breakthroughs in banking and public sector organisations with similarly remote, unsupported outposts.

The Victor Chandler Group, which started trading from a suitcase at Walthamstow Greyhound Stadium in 1946, is a £1bn multi-national gaming enterprise. As a multi-layered gambling company that operates across international borders, it has to comply with a myriad of national compliance and gaming regulations.

The company announced an implementation of managed web security to protect its 450 staff from allegations of unfair trading. "We cannot gamble on web security," said Chris Murchison, operations engineer, the Victor Chandler Group

Murchison needed to protect staff, who spend most of their time exploring online gaming and betting sites, either to monitor the performance of their own platforms, deal with a particular customer query or to check on developments with rival services.

Employees also use a web interface when dealing with third-party service providers, such as payment processing companies or credit agencies.

Victor Chandler's traders use instant messaging to conduct risk assessment, odds compilation or handling proprietary bets. The company had to rethink its security strategy when it opened a new office with 25 staff in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

"The Kuala Lumpur office was not connected to our corporate network, so we needed a remote solution that secured staff against Web threats and enforce our Internet usage policy," said Chris Murchison, operations engineer at the Victor Chandler Group. The ScanSafe contract is for three years.


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