AMD details advanced chip designs


AMD details advanced chip designs

Antony Savvas

AMD has released details of its next microprocessor architecture to improve performance.

The company’s next generation architecture for servers, workstations and desktops is planned to debut in mid-2007.

Products will include a quad-core design for servers, workstations and high-end desktops, and a dual-core design for mainstream desktop markets.

These next generation processors will be built using AMD’s advanced 65nm Silicon-on-Insulator process. They will include a broad range of functionality improvements, including the ability to dynamically alter the frequency of each core on the chip to match application workloads, thereby reducing overall power consumption.

As a result, AMD expects to increase the performance-per-watt of its current Opteron processor-powered servers by approximately 60% during 2007 and by approximately 150% during 2008.

In addition, AMD’s new mobile chip design for laptops is planned for the second half of 2007, and includes architectural advancements allowing for increased power efficiency and battery life.


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