Be ready for web revolution, says Berners-Lee

The 15th World Wide Web conference 2006 opened in Edinburgh, Scotland, on Tuesday morning, with a programme presenting papers into how the web should develop.

The 15th World Wide Web conference 2006 opened in Edinburgh, Scotland, on Tuesday morning, with a programme presenting...

papers into how the web should develop.

About 1,500 people are expected to attend during the four days of the event, which was launched with a speech by Jack McConnell, first minster of Scotland and Tim Berners-Lee, father of the web.

In a speech at the start of the conference Berners Lee said, "We are at the embryonic stages of the web. The web is going to be more revolutionary."

He said, "There is a lot of change happening and a huge amount of change to come [on the web]," and highlighted the development of Google algorithm. blogs, wikis, and other innovation.

People are used to an open web but, there are ways it could lose its openness, warned Berners-Lee. As an example he said, "The web has become a hugely commercial space and right now in the US there is commercial pressure to try to legislate to get more control over what you see."

The aim of some companies is to ensure users will only be able to get IPTV from companies which have paid the telco operators, he said. This would mean, "You don't get the openness of the internet for television."

In a keynote for the conference, which was given by David Brown, chairman of Motorola., he described the potential for the mobile internet.

He said users' perception of mobile technology was changing through the digitisation of everything from bills, music, books, bank balances to television which are all delivered and accessed and shared in the same way. "Intelligence is exploding out of the PC to become embedded everywhere," Brown said.

Brown warned that it was important that the mobile internet was based on standards and a business model based on value rather the standard IP model (network charges) or the standard cellular business model (call tariffs).



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