Don't wait until 2008 to roll out Vista, analyst warns

Analyst Gartner has issued a further research note clarifying its advice on the roll-out of the forthcoming Windows Vista operating system.

Analyst Gartner has issued a further research note clarifying its advice on the roll-out of the forthcoming Windows...

Vista operating system.

The clarification was issued after reports of Gartner’s initial advice suggested the analysts firm was telling organisations not to deploy Vista until 2008.

Gartner said its initial advice had been misinterpreted. The analyst group reiterated its belief that although the next version of the Windows operating system will be available next year, companies are unlikely to complete full migrations until 2008.

Windows Vista is scheduled to appear towards the end of 2006, but the analyst said various issues would delay full roll-outs of the OS.

Gartner is not advising that users should hold off from deploying the new OS, but says that they should build in a 12-18 month roll-out period in their deployments to overcome potential obstacles.

Gartner said those companies still using the ageing Windows 2000 OS will have some of the most difficult issues to overcome, as some third party application providers are starting to end support for the OS.

Therefore those users will be under more pressure to speedily adopt Windows Vista, unlike Windows XP users who will have more time to wait for initial Window Vista bugs to be ironed out.

XP also already has more security features than Windows 2000, and is expected to get more with a further service pack next year, giving users further time to roll-out Vista.

The roll-out period is also expected to be extended as a result of Microsoft launching a new Office collaboration suite at around the same time as the Windows Vista launch.

New Office 12 programs will therefore have to be tested alongside Vista. In addition, Microsoft is also launching its new Internet Explorer 7 browser next year too, so users will be expected to test the browser’s promised new security features on their systems.




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