Server virtualisation transforming enterprise IT

Server virtualisation is a mainstream technology, with three out of four businesses already using or planning to deploy it, according to a global survey by Yankee Group.

The analyst firm believes that for the overwhelming majority of companies, the question is when – not if – they will implement virtualisation in the corporate datacentre.

The survey findings include: 62% of respondents already have a virtualisation solution in place or are in the process of migration; 14% of businesses have not yet chosen a server virtualisation supplier; only 4% of companies have no plans to install a virtualisation solution; VMware is the market leader, with 55% of the installed base.

The respondents had near universal praise for virtualisation. However, Yankee Group says the rapid growth of the technology has left little time to establish a much-needed operational and procedural standard. To avoid disruption, it advises CIOs and IT managers to adapt and continually monitor their approach to virtualisation.


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