HP offers detect and contain security software

HP has started shipping software designed to limit the spread of viruses across corporate networks and reduce the damage they...

HP has started shipping software designed to limit the spread of viruses across corporate networks and reduce the damage they cause during an attack.

The software called HP Virus Throttle is designed to help businesses detect, contain and slow the rate at which an attack spreads inside the core of the IT infrastructure.

Originally developed in HP Labs, Virus Throttle is now available for HP ProLiant servers and ProCurve Networking by HP 5300 switches.

Unlike traditional virus scanning products, which rely on virus signatures, Virus Throttle detects abnormal, virus-like behaviour. It slows down the number of different connections an infected machine can make until an administrator can determine if the problem is viral in nature and take further action.

The rapid rate at which worms and viruses spread across networks, makes it difficult for IT administrators to react quickly enough to limit the damage that an attack may cause to corporate systems.

According to HP the software is able to react in milliseconds, without waiting for human attention.

HP said Virus Throttle monitors network connection requests and detects abnormal activity of the type typically exhibited by a worm or virus that is attempting to propagate itself within a network.

Tony Redmond, vice-president and chief technology officer, HP Security Office and HP Service, said, "If IT systems were ‘intelligent’ enough to automatically detect and shut down attacks before they spread, administrators would spend less time and money trying to catch up."

The software is part of HP’s wider security strategy. HP Labs, the company’s central research facility, has also working on damage-containment security software aimed at simply and effectively preventing certain viruses from corrupting entire systems.



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