NTT circuit speeds optical network data


NTT circuit speeds optical network data

Nippon Telegraph and Telephone (NTT) has developed an integrated circuit (IC) that will raise the data transmission speed of optical fibre networks to 100Gbps (bits per second).

High-speed ICs sit at the centre of optical transmitters/receivers and are key to the overall communications speed of optical networks.

NTT claimed that with its latest IC, an amount of data equivalent to three DVDs could be transmitted in about one second.

NTT has also designed a circuit structure that can deliver error-free 100Gbps.

Existing commercial optical networks operate at 10Gbps and several optical equipment makers are developing technologies for 40Gbps systems. Fujitsu announced the development of a 90Gbps multiplexer IC in February.

NTT claimed it could go as high as 160Gbps with developments based on existing technology.

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