IBM offers storage on demand for e-business

IBM customers can now buy storage on demand for their disc and tape subsystems, writes James Rogers.

IBM customers can now buy storage on demand for their disc and tape subsystems, writes James Rogers.

The move is part of an IBM initiative to cater for the storage needs of e-business and includes instant storage for its flagship Shark Enterprise Storage Server and the Magstar Virtual Tape Server.

The advent of e-business means that many firms have wildly fluctuating storage demands. Jerry Boezel, storage solutions sales executive at IBM, explained, "This gives customers the flexibility to deal with surges in demand."

According to IBM, the Step Ahead programme for Shark will let customers access extra storage capacity as it is needed. "There is a monitoring tool that can be employed to see how much capacity is used. When the standby capacity is activated, the process happens automatically," said Boezel.

Step Ahead storage capacities are available in increments of 210, 420, 490 and 980Gbytes, depending on the initial capacity shipped with the system.

Users of the Magstar Virtual Tape Server model B18 can also access additional capacity by increasing the number of Escon channels, used to attach to the host server, from four to eight. The Virtual Tape Server also offers cache on demand, which means that tape volume cache capacity can be increased from 72Gbytes to 432Gbytes.

IBM will start installing the Step Ahead programme on 15 December.



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