Rambus faces second fraud case


Rambus faces second fraud case

A lawsuit has been filed against Rambus in the US, less than four months after the company was found guilty of fraud and fined $3.5m (£2.42m) in punitive damages in a similar case.

Stull & Brody, the law firm that filed the suit on behalf of an umbrella group of investors, alleges that the company misled shareholders by fraudulently claiming patents and collecting licensing revenue related to Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory (SDRAM) technology.

Rambus was found guilty of fraud in May after losing a court battle with the chip-maker Infineon. The judge ruled that Rambus had acted improperly when it obtained patents on SDRAM chip designs that were being developed by the Joint Electron Device Engineering Council, an industry group which sets standards for semiconductor products and technologies.

Rambus' fraudulent behaviour resulted in millions of dollars being wiped off the company's share value.

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