Accenture Technology Vision 2011 urges businesses to adopt automated security

Accenture has urged businesses to dismantle their...

Accenture has urged businesses to dismantle their IT security fortresses in its Technology Vision 2011 report.

"There is no such thing as watertight information security. The fortress mentality must give way to a realistic and practical approach to IT security, built upon a cascaded, reflex-like security architecture that responds proportionately to threats when and where they happen," the report stated.

According to Accenture. new security products and architectures should respond instinctively to the growing speed, scale and variety of attacks. Automation will quickly become a must-have component in the overall security strategy of every IT organisation.

"We took a look around the corner and saw a world of IT that barely resembles what enterprise computing looks like today," said Gavin Michael, managing director of R&D and alliances at Accenture, who supervised the project. "The role of technology is changing, it is no longer a support role. Instead, it is front and centre driving business performance and enriching people's lives like never before."



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