Video: Google enhances search with Instant Previews

Google has updated its search capability with Instant Previews, which enables users to see what a web page looks like before opening it.

Google has updated its search capability with Instant Previews, which enables users to see what a web page looks...

like before opening it.

The Instant Previews feature comes just two months after Google Instant, which displays results as users type in search terms.

Now users can find the right results even faster, says Google, by looking at snapshots of the webpages by clicking on the magnifying glass next to any search result and then hovering over further results.

"In our testing, we've found that people who use Instant Previews are about 5% more likely to be satisfied with the results they click," Raj Krishnan, a Google product manager, wrote in a blog post.

"The previews provide new ways to evaluate search results, making you more likely to find what you're looking for on the pages you visit."

But it is difficult to predict what impact the innovation will have on pay-per-click advertising, said Jim Warren, pay-per-click (PPC) account manager at search marketing agency Greenlight.

"However, you can be sure a negative reaction to a site layout or colour design of a website in Google Instant Previews would have an effect on online advertisers' percentage click-through rates, something they have not had to worry about in the past," he said.

This would result in a drop in quality score and an increase in cost per click, not good news for sites with a poor user experience, said Jim Warren.

But he said there could be a positive impact on brands with easily recognisable colours that may find they benefit from Google Instant Previews.

However, he warned this could lead to a rise in PPC sites using similar colours and designs to big brands, in a bid to trick users into clicking on the wrong site.

Video: Google introduction to Instant Previews





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