Techies lose out as cloud engulfs jobs

The outlook for security testers, database, network and application admins looks extremely poor, analyst Gartner has warned.

The outlook for security testers, database, network and application admins looks extremely poor, analyst Gartner...

has warned.

"Many technology roles are highly vulnerable to the management efficiencies and cost reductions that cloud computing makes possible. The functions of database administrators, network and server administrators, application operation specialists, and application integrators - among many others - will all change in important ways, and all of these functions will use significantly more automation delivered by cloud services," Gartner analyst Joseph Feiman warned.

In the How to Keep Your Job From Disappearing Into the Cloud report, Feiman said, "Many people, including many IT professionals, will certainly lose their jobs because of cloud computing, and many of those jobs will be lost forever." The report highlights programming specialists such as .net and Java developers, would risk losing out to low cost cloud operators.

Feiman predicted that people whose jobs require a deep understand of the business will be safe, such as the business analyst or application development analyst who understands his or her enterprise's manufacturing processes.

In the report, Feiman noted that roles such as CTO, senior architect and project liaison offered the most job security. According to Feiman these strategy roles are usually the main factor that contributes to the success or failure of the enterprise. as such, they would almost always be kept in-house, he noted. "Ironically, the best and most visionary strategists may actually prove to be difficult for enterprises to retain, because their abilities will make them attractive acquisition targets for other enterprises - and for cloud service providers."



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