Nominet votes for internet self-rule

Nominet members have voted overwhelmingly to accept changes to its constitution that should allow it to retain its self-regulatory status as the registrar...

Nominet members have voted overwhelmingly to accept changes to its constitution that should allow it to retain...

its self-regulatory status as the registrar of the .uk internet domain.

At an extraordinary general meeting members voted in favour of resolutions to change the Nominet constitution in way that addressed government concerns about its independence and public-spirited ideals.

The government is seeking to give itself the power to manage the .uk domain through the proposed Digital Economy Bill now going through parliament.

However, it has indicated that Nominet could retain its self-regulatory nature provided members changed the constitution to prevent it being "hijacked" by a small group.

Nominet, which is made up mostly of internet service providers, said in a statement that the changes will ensure that it conducts business for the public good, that the board is balanced and business-oriented, that it can set prices for domain registrations and renewals, and that it can work to include other stakeholders in its business decisions and policy development.

Nominet said the government had made it clear that, if members voted in favour of the changes, there would be no need for government intervention.

"We believe that our members have now proven their commitment to consider the needs of all stakeholders by reaffirming our public purpose, as well as ensuring that we are governed according to best practice standards," Nominet said. "We hope that by implementing in full the changes that respond to the government's concerns, the reserve powers will not now be necessary."

Nominet said the vote was "a defining moment" for the UK domain market and the UK internet landscape: "Our members have demonstrated that we remain committed to a self-regulated .uk domain space that takes into account the views of all stakeholders."

The Department for Business, Innovations & Skills did not respond to requests for comment.



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