Users oblivious as criminals sell access to thousands of PCs


Users oblivious as criminals sell access to thousands of PCs

Karl Flinders

Your home or business PC could be being used and reused by multiple criminal elements behind your back, security specialists have warned.

Cybercriminals are trading the digital assets of thousands of PCs online without users' knowledge, said Finjan. The security supplier has discovered a trading platform where criminals are buying and selling digital assets that have been stolen by cyber criminals.

The Golden Cash network is a trading platform that matches buyers and sellers. Finjan revealed this in the second issue of its Cybercrime Intelligence Report 2009.

On the buyer side there are cybercriminals that buy access to the PC that has been infected. Once a hacker infects a PC it can then be sold on the trading platform to the criminals.

Prices vary greatly. Finjan said in Australia 1,000 infections have been sold for $100, while the same number can be picked up for as little as $5 in other countries, but mainly in the Far East.

"These batches of 1,000 infected PCs will be resold in the market by the buyer," said Finjan.

"An infected machine is no longer a one-time asset for an individual criminal. It has evolved into a digital asset that the cybercriminal can trade online - over and over again," added Finjan.

The Golden Cash platform also offers information about how to send Malware and creating a botnet.


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