CW500: Building effective shared services

CW500: Building effective shared services

Read a summary of the discussion at this CW500 event, watch video interviews with the speakers, and download a copy of the presentation slides.

Employing shared services and using technology to improve collaboration can bring a host of benefits to organisations, from cutting costs and increasing efficiency through to driving business transformation.

But what should you keep in mind when applying such models to your organisation?


• David Wilde, CIO, Essex County Council
• Malcolm Lambell, interim IT director - shared services, Bupa
• Jonathan Cooper-Bagnall, Head of Shared Services & Outsourcing, PA Consulting

Table of contents:

Shared services present challenges and opportunities for CIOs

CW500 Shared IT services can help organisations cut back-office costs by as much as half, but CIOs face political battles to make them work.

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