Cloud mobile device management key to BYOD, says Lambeth IT head

Cloud mobile device management will be key to enabling bring your own device (BYOD) policies, says Lambeth council IT chief Rob Miller

Cloud mobile device management services will be key to enabling bring your own device policies, according to a Lambeth Council IT chief.

Rob Miller, assistant director of ICT services at the London borough council, said: “As technology evolves, IT departments will be spending less time on securing devices, but more on applications to manage those devices.”

He said the council would ideally purchase mobile device management services through the government’s CloudStore, but said such services were currently not available. 

“We are really hoping to see some mobile device management services available in the next version of the G-cloud as we’d like to purchase something by autumn,” said Miller.

Lambeth Council is in the process of rebuilding its central tools to create a more flexible IT environment including moving e-mail to the cloud this summer. It is also rolling out thin client desktops, so staff can have full access from home, says Miller.

The council has done some pilot work on iPads for 70 staff, which reduced processing time by 14 days for employees visiting residents at home, Miller said.

“In our new IT strategy we want to work toward staff using any devices as we don’t want to be prescriptive about what people use. If we tell the people who are helping us deliver services who it is we want them to interact with us they won’t be as effective in doing that," Miller said.

“The one thing we won’t compromise on is security information, but with cloud-based device management services we'd be looking at more sophisticated security around the application. 

"The strategy is not about devices, but applications and information.” 

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