TruSecure announces early warning system

TruSecure has unveiled software which combines vulnerability detection and remediation using information from TruSecure's...

TruSecure has unveiled software which combines vulnerability detection and remediation using information from TruSecure's IntelliShield threat and vulnerability intelligence service.

TruSecure IntelliShield Early Warning System (EWS) is a threat management system intended to simplify network security management by matching up software vulnerability alerts from TruSecure's IntelliSheild service with affected systems deployed on a network.

Alerts from IntelliShield are fed to an EWS device at the customer site throughout the day. That device then scans the network for systems affected by the alerts, said Mike Rothman, vice-president of marketing at TruSecure.

Administrators decide which computer assets they wish to monitor using EWS, then set policies and a priority level for each asset. EWS supports major operating systems including Windows, Linux and Unix as well as major software applications such as Oracle and Microsoft SQL databases.

EWS simplifies the job of evaluating security vulnerability information by linking alerts to affected systems, then weighing the relative importance of the systems affected, Rothman said. That is an improvement over other alert services, which don not take into account the specific makeup of a customer's network.

"It makes sense that a vulnerability affecting the Oracle database with your customer information on it should be treated differently than one for the receptionist's desktop," Rothman said.

The EWS product is aimed at larger enterprises and will compete against similar services offered by Symantec, which sells similar services under its DeepSight brand, and network scanning company Internet Security Systems.

TruSecure IntelliShield Early Warning System software is available immediately.

Customers will pay for a one-time, perpetual licence for the EWS software in addition to an annual subscription based on the number of assets protected. The subscription entitles customers to receive vulnerability alerts and software updates. Prices start at around $25,000.

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