HP extends its adaptive enterprise vision

Hewlett-Packard made four announcements to push the company towards an Adaptive Management software strategy, a component of its...

Hewlett-Packard made four announcements to push the company towards an Adaptive Management software strategy, a component of its Adaptive Enterprise vision which was launched earlier this year.

Among the announcements made by the company were: a plan to acquire Persist Technology to improve its information lifecycle management solutions; development of a software called HP Systems Insight Manager - which allows IT managers to manage all the hardware resources on a network; around 40 enhancements to its OpenView software suite; and a global collaboration with SAP.

All of this is an "extension of our vision to the adaptive enterprise", said Peter Blackmore, executive vice-president, Enterprise Systems Group.

"We are announcing strong momentum for our services capability and all around IT services management," added Nora Denzel, senior vice-president, HP Adaptive Enterprise.

The latest offerings will enable HP to allow for adaptive management of IT and break the cycle of maintenance costs and help HP’s customers have leaner IT.

"We are going out of our way to build an adaptive framework that meets the heterogeneous needs of a chief information officer," Denzel said.

The acquisition of Persist Software, which provides software designed for long-term storage and access of reference information, would improve HP’s ability to deliver complete information lifecycle management.

HP’s Systems Insight Manager, also known as Nimbus, is a single standards-based management tool which, the company claims, is the next generation in platform management.

Together with OpenView - its flagship management software - it would deliver a complete end-to-end management solution from hardware management through to service level and business process management.

HP also revealed 40 enhancements to the OpenView software suite, and discussed its partnership with SAP, in an effort to ensure there is joint collaboration on the management of heterogeneous environments.

In May, HP launched its Adaptive Enterprise, which Denzel described as the integration of people, processes and technology. The strategy is designed to help organisations better connect IT and business operations.

Adaptive enterprise, or utility computing, has become commonplace in the industry as IBM, Sun Microsystems and Dell have all announced similar platforms.

Allison Taylor writes for ITWorldCanada.com

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