HSBC gives online bankers free security software

HSBC is giving its online banking customers free software to help protect them from hackers.

HSBC is giving its online banking customers free software to help protect them from hackers.

The Rapport software from Trusteer, which works on PCs and Macs, prevents hackers interacting with the browser the customer is using.

HSBC said the software is not intended to replace anti-virus software, but complements it by protecting the customer's browser from attack.

Nick Staib, HSBC's digital security manager, said the software is being taken up by a high volume of customers. "Download rates have surpassed our most optimistic expectations. I am delighted that so many customers share our interest in keeping personal and banking details safe," he said.

"Rapport is software that I use myself and I am happy recommending to friends."

HSBC already uses software from Verisign to visually demonstrate that its websites are genuine and help prevent its customers becoming victims of phishing scams.

The bank's retail division in the UK uses Verisign's Extended Validation SSL to give its customers reassurance that they are using a genuine HSBC website.

HSBC also provides the following tips on how to shop and bank online safely:

• Keep your computer safe with software updates that take advantage of new security features and defend against new vulnerabilities in older software.

• Ensure you keep your anti-virus software updated as new viruses are created weekly, if not daily.

• Always be wary of phishing e-mails. These may appear to be from your bank and generally urge you to log on through a link in the e-mail. HSBC will never ask you to do this.

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