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December 2016-February 2017

How IoT can revolutionise running railways

Railways defined the first industrial revolution – now technology is at the heart of train networks’ modernisation in the 21st century. In a recent blog post, Forrester principal analyst Dan Bieler wrote: “Businesses can obtain major benefits – including better customer experiences and operational excellence – from the internet of things (IoT) by extracting insights from connected objects and delivering feature-rich connected products.” A rail network comprises thousands, if not millions of components, from rolling stock to signals, rails, stations and the staff who run it all. All the constituent parts need to work cohesively to avoid delays and dissatisfaction among commuters. The industrial internet, where IoT devices are combined with analytics, is set to revolutionise train operations. French national train operator SNCF is using the industrial internet powered by IBM Watson’s deep learning analytics platform and the SigFox IoT network to boost efficiency. The strategy is part of the company’s 2020 Vision, to become an ...

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