Public cloud computing guide for CXOs

Public cloud computing is the way to go for India Inc. Explore this comprehensive guide to public cloud computing to know everything on the subject.

With this entire buzz about public cloud computing, some fetching assumptions have been made, fingers have been pointed at, and much has been talked about the ridden risks. Although it offers several benefits, public cloud computing can be a tricky business. This comprehensive guide explains the scope of public cloud computing model and also offers real business insights about its adoption.

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  • Public cloud adoption methodology for SMBs 

    How does a small and medium-size business (SMB) adopt public cloud computing services without hassles and delays? Read this real business methodology of a small communication solutions provider who successfully uses public cloud infrastructure for productivity and efficiency gains.

    CRM on public cloud at Sterlite 

    When Sterlite started evaluation of a CRM solution, it had CapEx savings as the key consideration. Discover how the company not only achieved this target but also managed to streamline its pre-sales activity by adopting a public cloud computing model.

    Public cloud computing aids business needs of Viva 

    Viva Infomedia, the Mumbai-based provider of enterprise mobility solutions, relies heavily on SMS and email alerts to reach out to lakhs of consumers in a single day. Find out how the company leveraged public cloud computing model when latency and high scalability IT infrastructure became roadblocks for their business.

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  • Learning center:

    Download PaaS platform guide for free 

    Although less discussed in media, platform as a service (PaaS) is an important public cloud computing topic and of great relevance to the Indian market. A public cloud computing model, PaaS has evolved from software as a service (SaaS) and infrastructure as a service (IaaS). This must have guide for managers zips PaaS fundamentals, market trends, deployment tips, and info on PaaS platform vendors. Download it for free.

    Cloud vendor migration tutorial 

    With the evolution of the public cloud computing model, it’s become a relevant need of organizations to switch their public cloud computing vendor mid-way. But this simple looking task is saddled with several risks and difficulties. Use these tips for a smooth, glitch-free cloud vendor migration.

    What is public cloud computing? 

    Get the basics. Know what public cloud computing is all about. A detailed description on what can qualify as a public cloud. Get to know about its advantages to organizations and how the technology has been evolving.

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  • Market analysis:

    IBM to fight Amazon in public cloud computing market 

    The Big Blue has entered the public cloud computing business, challenging the stalwarts like Amazon, thereby making this market more dynamic. IBM has added the new Smart Business Cloud (SBC) - Enterprise, an Infrastructure as a Service offering, which is a pay-as-you-go, self service (for registered IBM customers) online platform that can run virtual machines (VMs) in a variety of formats, along with other services from IBM.

    Can you trust your public cloud computing vendor? 

    Many sweeping generalizations have been made about public cloud computing, with mostly fingers being pointed at vendors. So can the public cloud vendors really be trusted? The two major public cloud concerns today are data security and data ownership. Find out what must be and must not be done to be successful with your public cloud computing strategy.

    The flattening world 

    Being at the right place and at the right time, and being agile to take advantage of an opportunity has helped to somewhat level the small and medium-sized businesses with the large organizations. Discover how public cloud computing is proving to be a great leveler where large and small alike enjoy the same technology advantages.

    HP, IBM offer data protection services through public cloud model 

    With the aim to enable customers to search, analyze and recover critical data quickly and efficiently, IBM and Hewlett-Packard have rolled out information protection services using public cloud computing model for their large enterprise customers. IBM’s services are for backup, archiving and virtual machine disaster recovery while HP brought out PC backup service.

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