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Review of 2016: Top 10 CW Benelux articles

Here are the 10 most popular Benelux-focused Computer Weekly articles of 2016

The Benelux region of Europe is serving up insights for the rest of the continent and indeed the world. Areas such as data analytics and mobile are changing how businesses operate and people live in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg.

For an area with a relatively small population and land mass, there is a lot happening in IT. Perhaps it is these characteristics that make businesses, governments and people in the Benelux countries so willing to grasp the latest IT can offer.

Here are 10 of Computer Weekly’s most popular articles about the region’s enterprise and public sector IT projects and challenges.

1. Cyber security is becoming a Dutch export

IT security is about to rival cheese, tulips, windmills and flood defences as an export from the Netherlands.

2. Netherlands rushes to mobile payments

Following the wave of e-commerce that has swept the Netherlands, there is a surge to use mobile payment systems

3. CIO interview: Johan Kestens, ING Belgium

ING Belgium’s CIO talks to Computer Weekly in depth about the technology-driven changes in the banking sector

4. Dutch government uses Microsoft Dynamics to improve recruitment

Government recruitment and career management of senior civil servants in the Netherlands has been improved through a Microsoft Dynamics implementation

5. Cyber security in Belgium will gain prominence after terror attacks

Belgium’s physical security has been branded inadequate, so how does the country’s cyber security measure up?

6. Cloud computing in Belgium: a grey picture

Organisations in Belgium and Luxembourg are turning to the cloud for their IT, but there are striking differences in the level of take-up within the region. 

7. Never lose track of customer journey, says Brussels Airlines CIO

Brussels Airlines is transforming its IT, with customer experience the driving force. 

8. Dutch IT ministry needed to take digital lead

Whenever the media covers a failed Dutch government IT project, the question is always asked whether the government should have a ministry of IT

9. Dutch mastering the art of big data analysis

Gathering and analysing huge amounts of data offers the promise of business efficiency and new opportunities. We look at what this all means for the once-cautious Dutch.

10. IT startups suffer from strict, out-of-date Dutch laws

The Netherlands government needs to ensure that legislation enables disruptive technology to flourish.

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