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Huawei sues Samsung alleging patent violations

Huawei has filed lawsuits in China and the US, accusing Samsung of infringing a number of its patents relating to mobile technologies

Chinese networking and mobile kingpin Huawei has filed lawsuits against its South Korean rival, Samsung, in both China and the US, alleging patent infringement.

The lawsuits, filed in the Shenzhen Intermediate People’s Court and the District Court for the Northern District of California respectively, are seeking compensation for infringement of intellectual property (IP) and patents relating to cellular communications technology and software used in Samsung devices.

Huawei said it had reached the point of legal action after failing to come to a negotiated agreement with Samsung.

It said that as a major holder of patents relating to mobile networks, it was committed to licensing its patents on fair and reasonable terms, but would take action to recover reasonable compensation from firms such as Samsung, which, it claimed, used its technology without taking out a licence.

“Huawei believes that industry players should work together to push the industry forward through open, joint innovation,” said Huawei’s president of IP rights, Ding Jianxing. “While respecting others’ patents, we will also protect our own.”

Jianxing said Huawei participated in a number of cross-licensing arrangements in the industry to ensure legitimate use of technology, which was the basis for the ongoing development of the smartphone industry.

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“We hope Samsung will respect Huawei’s R&D investment and patents, stop infringing our patents, and get the necessary licence,” added Jianxing.

To comply with legal requirements, Huawei did not disclose the exact nature of the specific technologies to which the alleged infringements relate.

Huawei currently invests 15% of its annual revenues, approximately £6.2bn, in the research and development of new technologies, products and wireless standards. In 2015, it topped the list of international patent filers worldwide, with 3,898 published applications. It currently holds in excess of 50,000 patents.

In a brief statement, a Samsung spokesperson responded: “We will thoroughly review the complaint and take appropriate action to defend Samsung’s business interests.”

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