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Nokia expands professional services portfolio to help mobile operators embrace cloud

Services designed to prepare operators’ datacentres for running business processes in the cloud, and allow them to scale up their network capacity

Nokia is rolling out a range of datacentre and cloud-related services for mobile operators that want to run more of their business operations off-premise.

The services are designed to prepare operators’ datacentres for running their business processes in the cloud, and allow them to scale up their network capacity more easily during times of high demand.

Operators will also be given access to the Nokia Telco Cloud Index, which helps them gain a better understanding of their current market position so they can plan how best to start shifting their operations off-premise.  

The datacentre part of the proposition will give operators access to services to help them evaluate how to make best use of their facility’s compute, storage and network resources when launching their own cloud services.

Nokia’s datacentre services are also geared towards helping operators tap into agile software deployment methodologies, so they can bring their services to market more quickly and add new features more often.

To underpin this, the Finnish company has outlined plans to open a UK-based design centre to support operators through the datacentre transformation process.

The company is also set to give operators access to cloud transformation consulting services to help them make decisions about the architecture, tools, operational and staffing changes they need during their move off-premise.

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Since selling off its mobile devices and services business to Microsoft in 2014, and buoyed by its acquisition of Alcatel-Lucent in January 2016, Nokia has been seeking to position itself as a major player in the network hardware and wireless space.

Igor Leprince , executive vice-president for global services at Nokia, said the firm has invested a lot in building out its datacentre- and cloud-focused professional services portfolio.

“The company has made a significant investment to ensure that our new datacentre services provide a strong foundation for the cloud,” said Leprince.

“We offer the right telco expertise and are committed to being a trusted partner for operators as they look to adopt the telco cloud to help them create competitive advantages in terms of agility and costs.”

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