Monster calls on industry to start promoting women in IT

Recruiter Monster calls on the IT industry to forge a tech talent charter to encourage more girls into coding roles

Recruitment firm Monster has called on the IT industry to join them in forging a tech talent charter, in a bid to encourage more girls into the sector.

Monster are asking the industry to join forces with them to create a framework for future action needed to ensure more businesses promote IT careers to more women.

A Monster Girls in Coding event was recently held at Skills Matter eXchange in London to mark the start of the company’s campaign.

During the event, three panels took place on tackling issues to get young girls into coding, upskilling graduates and current professionals, and the challenges of finding the tech talent. The panels concluded that schools, parents, role models, industry, recruiters and society as a whole have an important part to play.

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Monster UK and Ireland marketing director Sinead Bunting said the firm want to continue promoting the issue to make a difference to the amount of women considering coding as a career option.

“We are keen to enter discussion with others in the human resources and recruitment industry to make sure we, as a sector, are doing all we can to ensure women are represented in this area for job growth in the future – working together as an industry is the best way of making a genuine difference," she said.

“Together we can work towards getting more girls into coding, encourage women into technology roles, and in the process ensure the tech that is meant for everyone is built by everyone. This is also a key way to close the digital skills gap we are currently experiencing in the UK,” added Bunting.

Monster are the official partner for the 2015 Festival of Code which is run by Young Rewired State and takes place from 27 July until 2 August 2015. It has also partnered with Code First: Girls to run a series of three workshops on how to recruit female tech talent.

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