Kirklees gets dark fibre injection for PSN deployment

Kirklees Council’s PSN deployment to be enhanced with dark fibre connectivity following agreement between suppliers

Kirklees Council in West Yorkshire is to receive access to enhanced speeds on its public services network (PSN) after its service provider Easynet (formerly MDNX) teamed up with fibre-optic infrastructure supplier CityFibre.

The two firms say their agreement will enable councils around the country to benefit from gigabit-speed pure fibre connectivity via the PSN framework, boosting capacity and future-proofing council networks.

Kirklees, which lies southwest of Leeds and Bradford, will be the first council in the UK to tune up its bandwidth using unused network infrastructure, or dark fibre, supplied by CityFibre to Easynet’s PSN network.

CityFibre networks, which have been deployed in a number of other towns and cities, including Bournemouth, Peterborough and most recently, Coventry, follow a design the supplier has termed the Well Planned City.

Its methodology factors in future, as well as immediate network demand, with aspects of the design, such as route, number of fibres, or access points, can be expanded quickly and easily to enable not just council facilities but local businesses or homes to gain access to the network.

The council said the advent of fibre would give a major boost to the economic and social development of the area, and position it as one of the most digitally advanced places in the country.

“In a digital age, we must ensure our towns and cities are furnished with a next generation and future-proof digital infrastructure supporting the public and private sectors. Our partnership with Easynet is an exciting opportunity for local authorities up and down the country to make the most of the PSN,” said CityFibre CEO Greg Mesch.

Easynet public sector head Simon Holmyard added: “With the public sector drive towards smart working, having access to data anywhere and anytime is key. High speed access is a must. This partnership will enable local public sector to embrace ‘Smart Working’. Kirklees and its peers and partners can leverage the power of the network for the benefit of local services and citizens.”

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