EE launches 4G in Cornwall

EE has deployed its 4G mobile network in Saltash, Cornwall, making it the first Cornish town to connect to the network

EE has deployed its 4G mobile network in Saltash, Cornwall, making it the first Cornish town to connect to the network.

Saltash is the 250th location in the UK to connect to the mobile network, and is one of 21 towns across the UK to join today including Potters Bar, Ballymena and Leyland. This is part of a greater initiative to expand the superfast network to cover Western Scotland, Cornwall, Somerset and the Midlands.

Olaf Swantee, EE CEO, said: “We know the benefits that 4G offers to consumers and businesses, and we’re investing heavily in areas that have not previously had good mobile or fixed-line coverage where those benefits can have an ever greater impact.”

The mobile operator claims the roll-out will enable the 15,000 residents of the Cornish town to experience internet speeds up to five times faster than those currently provided by 3G.

At a recent roundtable on the future of 5G, Ed Ellis, responsible for network strategy and forecasting at EE, predicted that, as mobile networks become faster, residents in rural areas of the UK will prefer to use mobile networks for some services, because in some cases they will be faster and more reliable than wired broadband.

EE now provides 4G to more than 70% of the UK population, and covers a number of villages and small towns. A number of large businesses have also moved on to the network, including Fujitsu, NEC and Europcar.

Other mobile operators are moving to rural areas as well, with the 4G superfast network. Earlier this week Manx Telecom customers received 4G mobile broadband for the first time with the deployment of a 4G LTE network on the Isle of Man.

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