Apple drags more devices into patent battle with Samsung

The number of devices that allegedly infringe patents held by Apple and Samsung continues to grow with Apple adding six more products.

The number of devices that allegedly infringe patents held by Apple and Samsung continues to grow, with Apple adding six more products to its case against its South Korean rival.

The rival companies are fighting cases against each other in more than 10 countries, each accusing the other of violating patents.

In August, a US court awarded Apple $1bn in damages against Samsung, after ruling that several of Apple’s software and design technologies had been infringed.

However, Samsung has appealed against the ruling and has called for a retrial.

But in a separate case brought by Apple in February and countered soon afterwards by Samsung, the rivals are adding claims scheduled to be heard in a Northern California District Court in March 2014. Both claim the other is infringing eight mobile device patents.

Just days after Samsung alleged that Apple’s iPad mini and the latest version of the iPod Touch infringed eight of its patents, Apple has asked the court to add Samsung's Galaxy S3, the Galaxy Note 2, the Galaxy Tab 8.9 Wi-Fi, the Galaxy Tab 2 10.1, the Galaxy Rugby Pro and the Galaxy S3 Mini, according to US reports.

The Galaxy S3 Mini is yet to be released in the US, while the other five devices have been released in the past two months.

"Apple has acted quickly and diligently to determine that these newly released products do infringe many of the same claims already asserted by Apple," the company said in the filing.

Samsung has not commented on Apple’s latest move, but its decision to add the iPad mini to its complaint followed a court order that Apple must disclose details of its patent-sharing deal with HTC.

Samsung asked the courts to order Apple to reveal the information because it was "almost certain" the deal covered some of the patents at the centre of its dispute with Apple.

Some analysts said the order to give Samsung access to details of Apple's deal with HTC may have a big effect on the legal battle between Samsung and Apple.

If there are similarities between the two disputes, analysts believe it will give Samsung an advantage in any future negotiations with Apple.


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