Police Central e-Crime Unit prioritises London 2012 Olympic Games

The London 2012 Olympic Games is high on the agenda of the Metropolitan Police Central e-Crime Unit (PCeU)

Preparation for the London 2012 Olympic Games is high on the agenda of the Metropolitan Police Central e-Crime Unit (PCeU), according to unit head detective superintendent Charlie McMurdie.

The PCeU, along with other law enforcement and government agencies, is rehearsing a series of scenarios that could disrupt the London Olympics 2012.

The exercises are intended to ensure that actions by the agencies supporting the London 2012 Olympic Games are co-ordinated and it is clear who is tasked to do what in a wide range of circumstances.

For example, said McMurdie, each scenario includes who will be responsible for co-ordinating and passing on information to the media.

The most likely incidents to be passed on to the PCeU during the London 2012 Olympic Games involve peripheral organisations such as suppliers and sponsors, McMurdie told a Westminster eForum on cyber security in London.

"The focus will be on keeping the infrastructure up and running. We have been tasked with delivering a safe and secure Olympics, so that will take priority of investigations," she said.

Apart from the London Olympics 2012, McMurdie said much of her time is taken up with discussions around the new national crime agency set to begin operations in 2013.

The planned structure of the unit has already been through several drafts and is still being discussed, with a final plan not expected before July.

Some issues still need to be agreed, said McMurdie, including how much of the PCeU will go into the National Crime Agency.

The plan is for the agency to be made up of separate commands for economic crime, child abuse, borders and serious organised crime, with a cyber security command working across all four.

The cyber security command will be made up of an operational unit, a multi-agency partnership unit and a national programme unit that will include international engagement. 

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