Twitter bug bumps followers without permission

Twitter has admitted users are being affected by a bug that randomly bumps fellow tweeters from their follow lists without permission

Twitter has acknowledged that users are being affected by a bug that is randomly bumping fellow tweeters from their "follow" lists without permission.

The microblogging company said a fix is on the way and has advised affected users to visit its support page and go to fellow tweeters’ profile pages to check whether they are still following them or not.

Jeremiah Owyang, a technology industry analyst writing for TechCrunch, has questioned the stability of the Twitter infrastructure, according to the Telegraph.  

“I wonder how many businesses, personal and casual relationships are strained by the bug haphazardly unfollowing," he wrote in an advice column on the topic.

Thousands of Twitter users have been tweeting about their experiences of the bug. Many believe the bug has been around for a while, but is getting worse.

Comments at #unfollowbug suggest many Twitter users who have been losing lots of followers are relieved to hear Twitter confirm that, in some cases at least, a bug is causing the problem.

One user of the service tweeted: "How is Twitter getting back My 5,398 unfollowers?"

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