Hybrid clouds most popular with UK business, survey reveals

Hybrid clouds are the most popular cloud computing models with UK businesses, a survey has revealed.

Hybrid clouds are the most popular cloud computing models with UK businesses, a survey has revealed.

Roughly one-third of UK businesses are using or considering using cloud computing, according to a poll of nearly 400 UK IT professionals by data availability and disaster recovery software supplier Vision Solutions and London-based cloud services provider Frontier Technology.

Among these companies, 46% favoured a hybrid model, where both public and private cloud resources are used, 41% said they preferred to use a completely private cloud, while only 13% were happy to rely entirely on the public cloud.

However, only 18% said they were actually using cloud technologies, while 33% did not see cloud as a good fit, and 31% were undecided.

There are several reasons that cloud adoption is still relatively low, said Ian Masters, sales director UK and Ireland for Vision Solutions.

The biggest problem, he told Computer Weekly, is the lack of knowledge about cloud computing, which means there is still confusion about the concept and about the potential business benefit.

There are also concerns about security and where data will reside, but Masters said disaster recovery will help foster cloud adoption as it did the adoption of virtualisation technology.

Businesses are turning to cloud-based disaster recovery services to cut costs, he said, but this will lead to wider adoption as they become more comfortable and begin to see the business benefits.

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