Top 10 premium content articles of 2011

Sign up to Computer Weekly's research library to download the top 10 research reports from 2011.

Sign up to Computer Weekly's research library to download the top 10 research reports from 2011.

1. Technology Industry Survey 2012

Download this report from Computer Weekly and recruitment firm Mortimer Spinks to find out how much your peers earn, how many hours they work, what bonuses they receive, and how long they expect to be in their current jobs. The survey reveals what you really think about technology, your employers, your workplace and your future career in IT.

2. Special report on EMC

This special eight-page independent report from Computer Weekly, packed with graphs and diagrams, is essential reading for anyone doing business, or thinking of doing business with EMC.

3. Gartner: Decide now if you will become a money-making CIO

As a profession, the principal role of a CIO has not really changed much in the past few decades. But in this report Gartner argues that new business models for enterprises will emerge during the coming decade, as organisations exploit information and data. Six different styles of "money-making CIO" will evolve. Download this report to find out what they are.

4. Booz&Co: Web 2.0 – lead now or get out of the way

IT is beginning to lose control of new technology development. Web 2.0 and new media technologies, such as blogs, wikis and social networks, are spreading rapidly through companies, often without IT's direct involvement. In this report, Booz&Co argues that CIOs and their IT departments must take the lead in these emerging technologies. 

5. Computer Weekly buyers guide: cloud computing

This seven-page buyer’s guide to cloud computing by Computer Weekly explains the kinds of cloud offering that CIOs and senior IT professionals will need to take into account as they plan future outsourcing, hosting and application strategies.

6. Computer Weekly buyers guide: SME IT

Managers in small and medium sized businesses used to treat IT as a luxury they could only just afford. Now they are as IT-savvy as the CIOs and senior IT professionals of their larger counterparts and can take their pick of the technologies that were originally developed for multinational corporations. This seven-page buyer's guide to SME IT includes top IT tips from successful small businesses, plus a review of open source office suite Openoffice 3.3.

7. Smart organisations

Download this report from PA Consulting to learn how your organisation can use smart technology to drive innovation and enhance your competitive position, without breaking the bank.

8. Special report on Fujitsu

This special nine-page report from Computer Weekly analyses the challenges facing Fujitsu, its financial performance, the services it offers, its place in the IT market and its future strategy. Packed with graphs and diagrams, the report is essential reading for any organisation working with, or thinking of working with, Fujitsu.

9. Mobility guide – a downloadable book

This guide from Sybase is full of examples of mobile e-commerce at work. For those who need and use the services that m-commerce has to offer, the benefits range from speeding up economies to life-changing improvements. For merchants, operators and banks, the new channel offers another way to grow business and revenues while meeting the financial needs of customers. The guide also identifies the barriers that are slowing the take-up of m-commerce.

10. Trends in business intelligence

Several important technology changes, social trends and customer needs are driving the future development steps and functionality of business intelligence (BI) solutions, in this report from Birchman. Although some of the effects of these changes and trends are already or are starting to be experienced, we can expect more innovation, not only from the main agents of the industry, but also from new smaller organisations.





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