Oracle launches Solaris 11 cloud operating system

Oracle has released Solaris 11 claiming it is the first operating system designed for the cloud.

Oracle has released Solaris 11 claiming it to be the first cloud operating system (OS).

In its first major released since 2005, the Unix-based OS is designed to run on Oracle VM server on x86 and Sparc chip-based systems.

Adrian Bridgwater, blogger for Computer Weekly’s developer network (CWDN), said, “Solaris 11 is designed to meet the security, performance and scalability requirements of "cloud-based" deployments allowing customers to run their most demanding enterprise applications in private, hybrid, or public clouds.”

“As to who wins the "first-to-market" badge here, let us not pay too much heed. Let us at least point out that Solaris 11 is indeed a fully virtualised OS with what the company lists as "comprehensive built-in virtualisation capabilities" for OS, network and storage resources,” he added.

John Fowler, executive vice president of systems at Oracle said in a statement that customers will be able to simplify enterprise deployments using the OS to run enterprise applications in a secure and scalable cloud – or traditional enterprise environment.

Computer Weekly sister title,, said Solaris 11 includes more than 400 new features and capabilities, including kernel and performance improvements; full support for ZFS storage features; “Crossbow” network virtualisation; a new packaging and update system; improved Zones virtualisation; security features like role-based root access, low-impact auditing and encryption accelerate; as well as a tight connection to the Oracle application stack.

Updates to Solaris 11 are expected in 2012, 2014 and 2015.

Oracle Solaris 11 training will also be available to customers upgrading from Oracle Solaris 10 and earlier versions. 

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