From the Editors: Analytics skills at a premium in second era of data warehousing

Current enterprise technologies provide many opportunities for those with the right analytics skills. Find out if you're up to speed.

Predictions of the second coming of the financial crisis of 2007-8 are common. But before reaching for your Yeats in despair, consider the opportunities that current enterprise technology trends will yield – for those smart individuals with the right analytics skills.

Social policy students on the University of Ulster’s distance learning programme are gaining career-building data analysis skills on a course that uses IBM’s SPSS statistics software. Professor Gillian Robinson, who runs the course, sees a skills gap among UK graduates. “We are not producing enough quantitative social scientists”, she says. And IBM’s Stephen Gold is urging his own children to gain advanced statistical analysis skills, regardless of future vocation.

Cloud analytics makes sense as a coupling. Analysis work has peaks and troughs that are suited to the scaling up and down of the cloud. BI projects can often be urgent and fleeting. Storage and processing is plausibly more efficient off-premise. And yet, cloud analytics is still at an early stage. Nevertheless, the continued progress of cloud computing and ever-growing data volumes will only increase the scale and scope of analysis work. Moreover, cloud is allowing organizations to do analysis that was previously uneconomic.

Data virtualization is projected as a wave of the future by analyst Rick van der Lans. He sees the end of the first era of data warehousing, and the dawn of a new, with self-service BI and more powerful data governance as beneficiaries: again, new scope for new information management and analysis skills.

Gartner distinguished analyst Debra Logan makes a similar point in an interview in our sister publication, Computer Weekly. She advocates a re-imagining of IT to successfully manage the big-data deluge and says that data scientists and information managers will be high in enterprise demand.

‘What rough beast ... slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?’ One that should offer good opportunities for data management, BI and analytics professionals.

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