UPDATE: Optus bringing iPhone to Australia too

Optus has joined Vodafone by confirming it will bring the iPhone to Australia.

A week after Vodafone issued a press release stating that it is bringing the iPhone to Australia and New Zealand*, Optus has done likewise.

Optus's release loses out to Vodafines, at 39 words compared to Vodafone's 56.

The carrier is also a few countries short as Vodafone announced it will bring the iPhone to The Czech Republic,Egypt, Greece, Italy, India, Portugal, South Africa and Turkey .Optus, its parent SingTel and associated carriers will cover only Singapore, India and the Philippines.

The release states that "More information will be released at a later date," a little less information than Vodafone's excitement-engendering statement that "Vodafone customers ... will be able to purchase the iPhone for use on the Vodafone network."

Neither carrier will say when sales will commence.

Apple Australia offered no comment on the Vodafone announcement. Privately, staff of the company's local outpost are said to have reported no prior knowledge of either the deal or its imminent announcement.

Why anyone should care is uncertain, however sources close to the editor spoke of click-whoring on a grand scale among online publishers.


*Yes we know this story is not our usual thing, but the announcement seems to have more or less brought news media and the blogosphere across Australia to a halt for an hour this afternoon (here it is in the New York Times, for example) , so why should you miss out here? [email protected] for iPhone related complaints.

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