SOA adoption in Europe ‘almost universal’ says Gartner

SOA adoption among large firms in Europe is "nearly universal", said analyst Gartner . A global survey of more than 300...

SOA adoption among large firms in Europe is "nearly universal", said analyst Gartner.

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A global survey of more than 300 large firms employing 1,000-plus people, found that 53% were already using service-oriented architecture (SOA) in some part of their organisation.

Another 25% were not using it but had plans to do so in the next 12 months. Only 16% had no plans to use SOA at all. Take up of SOA was highest in Europe with only a "tiny number" of firms not deploying SOA, said Gartner.

There was only "moderate" SOA adoption in the US, and Asia was lagging behind everyone else, said the analyst.

Around 20% were building event-driven architectures (EDAs), and 20% were planning to do so in the next 12 months.

Despite the strong demand for SOA in Europe, globally there has been a reduction in the number of firms deploying SOA for the first time.

"Organisations without a clear business case for SOA and without a plan to develop or acquire the necessary skills are justified in taking a cautious approach, and delaying SOA adoption plans for the coming year," said Gartner analyst Daniel Sholler.

"The focus should be on creating shared services and the governance processes necessary for sharing within a reasonable domain. Larger organisations - more than 5,000 employees - are challenged when it comes to corporate governance."

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