Green still good for IT, if it saves money

Green IT and beating the credit crunch can go hand in hand if the right strategy is used

Even though IT budgets are being squeezed as a result of the credit crunch, a survey conducted by Storage Expo has found that green IT is still a priority provided it also saved money.

In the survey, 70% of respondents expressed the view of green being good for IT if efficient and a further 4% declared that green IT was a priority even if there were no cost savings.

However the survey also revealed that a tenth of organisations are no longer pursuing green IT because of budget cutbacks and 4% said green IT was never a priority.  Finally a few respondents (2%) said that they were so worried about their job they could not even think about it.

Commented Natalie Booth, Event Manager for Storage Expo 2008, “In today’s uncertain economic environment, and with energy usage and prices increasing at a rapid rate, finding ways to reduce power consumption whilst maintaining the growth of one’s business is high priority.

“The credit crunch has made a number of businesses rethink their IT strategies and budgets. However contrary to what most companies think green IT and beating the credit crunch can go hand in hand if the right strategy is used.”

In the Energy Efficiency Zone at Storage Expo, sponsored by IBM, visitors will be able to hear from leading authorities and technical experts on the best way to increase energy efficiency, save money and stay green. 

Talks at the Energy Efficiency Zone include:

  • Energy Efficient Storage Systems by Mick Walker, IBM STG Green Computing Consultant, IBM
  • Green Enterprise Storage Reinvented  by Eyal Zimran, Global Director of Marketing and Alliances
  • Archive Green  by David Longson, IBM Storage and Data Services

Commenting on the importance of energy efficiency in storage Mick Walker said, “The increasing cost of energy [is] making an energy efficient datacentre an even more compelling proposition, which for storage should be a blend of disk and tape solutions that will optimise both performance and energy consumption.”

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