Security pros fear investment cuts

Nearly half of the Infosec survey revealed an expectation that their IT budgets would be cut

A survey of security professionals taken at the recent Infosec exhibition has revealed a vein of pessimism running through the security industry.

According to a podcast outlining the views of security professionals visting Infosec 2008 , carried out by B2B communications specialist Inferno, nearly half of security professionals expect that their IT budgets would likely be cut in the next six months. Furthermore, just over a fifth of professionals believe that they will win the war against spam.

This news comes despite the ever increasing security demands being placed on companies and the ever increasing adoption of technologies which many believe will further increase their exposure. In particular, 27% regarded social networking technology would provide both an opportunity and a threat viewed whilst 28% regarded it solely as a threat to their corporate security.

The survey also provided some alarming stats. A sixth of firms didn’t manage security on all of the devices which access mail and file servers on their network (including smartphones and VPN users).

However, some blue sky technologies were seriously being considered. Just under half, 49%, thought that biometrics were now reliable enough to use in the enterprise.

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