Provider push will lead to 435 million mobile SIP users by 2012

Growing acceptance of SIP by mobile operators and device vendors will result in 435 million SIP-enabled devices by 2012

A report by market researcher Informa Telecoms & Media forecasts that the growing acceptance of SIP by mobile operators and device vendors will result in 435 million SIP-enabled devices by 2012.


Sales of mobile phones with active SIP functionality will reach 275 million units in 2007, an increase from 0.4% of total device sales in 2006, to 19% by 2012 with a real inflection taking place between 2010 and 2011 says Informa.


Within the mobile handset space, SIP is essentially split into two main variants of IETF SIP, also known as Naked SIP, and 3GPP SIP, which is also called IMS SIP. IETF SIP is widely used in both fixed and mobile telephony and is seen as the basis of a convergence platform. In the mobile space, IETF SIP is considered to be an essential component for enabling access to open internet services including wireless VoIP.


Mobile network operators’ growing acceptance of SIP and their relationship with mobile handset vendors will likely see increasing numbers of 3GPP enabled devices produced. This, in turn with the availability of 3GPP SIP services—such as Push of service over Cellular networks (PoC), Mobile Instant Messaging (MIM), Video Sharing and in the future mobile VoIP (mVoIP)—should help grow subscriber numbers further. By 2012, the number of subscribers using 3GPP SIP based services will exceed 276 million, thus surpassing the number of IETF SIP service users.


In terms of devices, sales of handsets with active SIP were as low as 4 million units in 2006. Due to its high device requirements and the specification of services it will likely support, SIP implementation will be mostly limited to smartphones. Nokia enjoys the largest SIP enabled product portfolio of all leading handset vendors, which goes in line with the company’s strategy to get increasingly involved in the mobile content space and internet service offering. Nokia has already release over 35 SIP capable devices



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