Benchmarking saves Dutch government £35m a year on desktops

The Dutch government is expecting to save £35m a year as a result of an IT benchmarking exercise it has completed.

The Dutch government is expecting to save £35m a year as a result of an IT benchmarking exercise it has completed.

Metri Measurement Consulting was commissioned by the Dutch government to look at the ICT operations of its ministries.

The study has involved 12 ministries, including justice, defence, economics, education, employment and social affairs, with the final phase to encompass the Department of Agriculture.

The aim of the study was to enable top management to gain a better view of government IT across the board.  The government also wanted to put in place systems that would provide more centralised IT control, while integrating a diverse range of ministry and departmental infrastructures.

Peter Vermeij, deputy secretary general of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, said, “Metri looked at the quality of processes, results and outcomes, as well as cost and performance.”

The first phase of the year-long exercise saw the Dutch government look at strategies for standardising and centrally provisioning its 15,000-unit desktop environment, called ‘The Global Desktop’.

The project also called for an examination of the government’s overall IT infrastructures, including front-to-back office and inter-departmental connectivity.

Part of this task was to identify where performance gains and economies of scale could be won through rationalising processes like document management into regional service hubs.

The conclusion from the benchmarks was that the Dutch government was operating somewhere in the middle of the market when it came to performance and cost.

Vermeij said, “The study has given us an excellent insight into the costs we incur and how to negotiate more keenly with suppliers.”

On the Global Desktop project alone, Metri has helped identify over £35m a year in savings through organisational restructuring, reducing the number of PCs and consolidating technical support into a central hub.

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