Coors Brewers works with supplier to tailor sales system

Coors Brewers has deployed a new sales analysis system in a drive to improve sales.

Coors Brewers has deployed a new sales analysis system in a drive to improve sales.

The firm, which owns the Carling brand, among others, is using the Investigator II software from Neusciences to control and improve sales and marketing in the field.

The application provides Coors’ sales and marketing staff web-browser access to up-to-date sales and market information. As well as providing access to a comprehensive breakdown of Coors' own sales performance, ACNielsen market survey data is avaiable on the system.

Coors' leader for the project, Sarah Dalton, said, "Neusciences involved us from the start in the development of the new software. As a result, the look and feel has been made simple for people who are not regular users of complex computer applications.”

She said, “The benefits to us are having a sophisticated analysis capability while not having to install and maintain client software, and the reduction in staff training we expect.”

Investigator II allows each user to filter and order results according to individual preferences. 

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