Top 10 hot storage technologies

List what you think are the top 10 storage technologies of 2006 and take our quick quiz to see how many match up to our top 10 picks.

Sit down, grab a pencil and some paper, and list what you think are the top 10 storage technologies of 2006. Then, take our quick quiz to see how many match up to our top 10 picks.
1. Sometimes called oversubscription, this is a way to quickly get capacity to an application.

2. This is the pooling of physical storage from multiple network storage devices into what appears to be a single storage device that is managed from a central console.

3. This technology can be used to protect data in flight across a network and at rest on tape in the data center.

4. This is an alternative to the Fibre Channel framework of the traditional SAN.

5. This is an architecture and specification for data flow between processors and I/O devices that promises greater bandwidth and almost unlimited expandability.

6. This is a storage technology that makes it possible to access a remote data center as though it were local.

7. This technology makes data retrieval straightforward by storing it in such a way that an object cannot be duplicated or modified once it has been stored; thus, its location is unambiguous.

8. This is a storage system in which all the data in an enterprise is backed up whenever any change is made.

9. This is sometimes called data reduction or commonality factoring and is another space-saving technology intended to eliminate redundant files on a storage system.

10. This technology is the assignment of different categories of data to different types of storage media in order to reduce total storage cost.

How did you score?
9-10 correct: You're a real hot techie tamale
6-8 correct: You're hot tech talented for sure
3-5 correct: You've got hot tech troubles
0-2 correct: Ho hum, just a tech tadpole

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