Leaky business continuity plans put firms at risk

Cost a major factor as companies fail to shore up their defences adequately.

Most UK firms mistakenly believe their business continuity plans are watertight, yet they are so leaky they’d sink if put to the test.

Although 80% of the 100 firms surveyed by Viatel claim to have a business continuity plan, 62% admit this doesn’t include their phone network. They aim to rely on mobile phones, leaving customers with no way of contacting them through normal channels.

“Many companies focus on protecting IT systems but then forget about voice, which is of equal importance when it comes to business continuity. Often when a problem occurs the first thing customers want to do is talk to someone,” says Michael Davies, product manager at Viatel.

This lack of customer attention could cost firms business, particularly as almost half the respondents demand a business continuity plan as part of their contract.

Cost seems to be a major factor in their failure to shore up their plans, as almost half of the IT directors in the survey say business continuity costs are too high.


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